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Six-pack liposculpture has made it possible for people who have struggled with the appearance of their abdomen to achieve the toned and defined midsection that they have always wanted. The procedure helps to highlight the abdominal muscles in a way that looks natural and attractive.At Solomon Cosmetic Center, our goal is to help our patients reach their body goals by providing them with the surgical care and results they need. We have used liposculpture to give numerous patients a well-defined six pack.

What Is LipoSculpture?

Liposculpture is a more advanced form of liposuction designed for more dramatic body-contouring results. While liposuction focuses on debulking areas of the body through the removal of fat, liposculpture emphasizes removing very precise amounts of fat in specific areas to produce a highly defined and contoured appearance.

Liposculpture is intended to enhance the muscle definition in the area being treated. The most common areas where liposculpture is performed include the:

  • Abdomen
  • Chin
  • Neck

For six-pack liposculpture, the focus is to remove any excess fat around the abdomen that is covering up the already-toned abdominal muscles. This helps to accentuate each section of the six pack for a clearly defined and athletic-looking finish.

Am I a Good Candidate for Six-Pack Liposculpture?

Good candidates for six-pack liposculpture should have tight and toned abdominal muscles that are covered up by excess abdominal fat. This fat should be resistant to dieting or exercise.

Liposculpture is not a weight-loss procedure. It is intended to refine the appearance of the abdomen through the removal of precise areas of fat. If you are far from your ideal weight or have large amounts of abdominal fat, another procedure may be a better option.

Ideal candidates should be in good overall health and should have realistic expectations regarding the results possible through surgery. During your consultation, board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. George Solomon will go over your pertinent medical history and will evaluate your overall health to make sure you are healthy enough for surgery.

How Six-Pack Liposculpture Is Performed

Six-pack liposculpture is an outpatient procedure that can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the needs of the patient. Prior to surgery, a marker will be used to outline the abdominal muscles as a way to guide the procedure.

Multiple tiny incisions will be made either inside the navel or along the creases naturally found on the abdomen. This helps to conceal any post-surgical marks. A cannula is inserted into the body through these incisions to remove the fat and sculpt the abdomen. The procedure takes around one hour to perform.

Recovering from Six-Pack Liposculpture

Patients can return home the same day as their procedure. Most people need to take around two to five days off work to allow their bodies to properly heal. Some pain, swelling, and bruising is to be expected. A special compression garment will need to be worn to control swelling and provide additional support during the recovery period.

How Much Does Liposculpture Cost?

Liposculpture treatments are fully customized to address the unique cosmetic needs of each individual patient. The cost of the procedure varies depending on the extent of correction desired and the overall complexity. During your consultation, Dr. Solomon will perform an examination of your body and discuss your goals to develop a personalized treatment plan. He will then discuss the cost associated with it.

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  • “GOT MY 6 PACK ABS” AMAZING. I was working out everyday for years trying to get rid of my love handles and fat on my abdomen no success. I heard about Dr Solomon…” Nash M. Read More

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